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Windows 8.1 Professional is the extended variant of Windows 8, which is specially designed for touch screens and offers professional users and companies optimized work support on this type of platform. The Windows 8.1 Professional operating system not only runs on compatible tablets and handhelds, but can also be used as usual with a mouse and keyboard on a laptop or computer. Microsoft Windows 8.1 Professional supports its users with a revised interface, an optimized system, as well as new functions and programs to the perfect extent.

As an extension to Windows 8 Professional, the Windows 8.1 Professional operating system is also aimed at professional users and small businesses. The interface in Microsoft Windows 8.1 Professional was designed to be user-friendly for use with touch screens. Thanks to the tile format, the user always has an overview of the most important applications and documents and can access them accordingly quickly. In general, the Windows 8.1 Professional operating system has been optimized in such a way that, for example, copying and system processes have been accelerated. This gives all devices a functional and powerful operating system that not only impresses with new features and design changes, but also with an increase in performance.

Innovations in the operating system Windows 8.1 Professional

The Windows 8.1 Professional operating system brings numerous innovations with it. It has the following new basic functions, some of which can also be found in Windows 8:

  • Modern User Interface: Tile interface for touch screens
  • Internet Explorer 11: New Windows web browser
  • Optimized data transfer: Copy processes can be paused and continued
  • New Task Manager: Processes are managed to increase performance
  • Windows Store: For purchasing Modern apps
  • Windows Defender: Antispyware

In addition, Microsoft Windows 8.1 Professional also has all the functions of Windows 8 Pro, such as remote desktop, domain join, encrypting file system, group policies and booting from a virtual hard disk. In addition, many more came with the update to the Windows 8.1 operating system Added features and optimizations.

Optimizations in the Windows 8.1 Professional operating system

With Microsoft Windows 8.1 Professional, some visual and technical optimizations have been implemented compared to Windows 8 Pro. The most striking difference is the option to display the desktop in tile form or in the classic way. The start menu of the Windows 8.1 Professional operating system can now also be displayed if required with the right mouse button, similar to Windows 7. In this way, users are supported with the appropriate setting both when operating via touch screens and with mouse and keyboard. Windows 8.1 Professional also comes with numerous new pre-installed modern apps. The functionality of previous apps such as "Videos", "Music", "Camera" and "Photos" has also been expanded in the Windows 8.1 Professional operating system.

Powerful Microsoft Windows 8.1 Professional

Thanks to the numerous innovations and the surface optimization, the Windows 8.1 Professional operating system creates a strong platform that actively supports professional users and small businesses in their tasks with its new features and programs. Thanks to the increase in performance, Windows 8.1 Professional is a reliable operating system. The more modern user interface and the modern apps offer the user an up-to-date system for both handhelds and desktop computers.

These keys are not suitable for upgrading/updating, only for new installations.


platform Windows
Supported operating system Windows 8.1 Professional
processor Processor or SoC with at least 1 GHz
random access memory 1GB for 32-bit or 2GB for 64-bit
disk space 16 GB for 32-bit OS or 20 GB for 64-bit OS
graphic card DirectX 9 or higher with WDDM 1.0 driver

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